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Rehab-CYCLE Software

History: Software «Rehab-CYCLE »

«Rehab-CYCLE  standard» (single place software)

«Rehab-CYCLE  standard» was 2003 the first ICF based software to optimise the management of your patients. This software is no longer supported as users have the opportunity to use the new web-application «RehabNET  RPS-Form».


ICF Sheet / RPS-Form

Clearly document the functioning and disabilities of your patients on the ICF sheet.

As this tool is based on the "WHO ICF Model of Functioning and Disability", it provides a common language for the description of human functioning and therefore facilitates multidisciplinary responsibility, to define therapy goals and to plan and implement the interventions. This individualised approach helps assure successful outcomes and satisfied clients.

The formerly called ICF Sheet is integrated as an improved/extended patient management tool (RPS-Form, see Steiner et al., 2002) in the new web-application «RehabNET  RPS-Form».


ICF Core Sets / ICF Browser

ICF based Software of RehabNET also provides you with the ICF Core Sets developed for an increasing number of conditions and diseases. These Sets are a most efficient and valid way to assist you in the assessment of a patient with a specific condition.

The integrated ICF browser allows you to make a clear functional diagnosis by simply linking the problems documented in the RPS Form to the most appropriate ICF category.

It is then possible to quantify the magnitude of the level of health or the severity of the problem by using the ICF qualifiers, a simple 0-4 grading scale.


Simple Handling

  • Management of cases
  • Definition of rehabilitation goals and planning of interventions
  • Longitudinal analyses for the control of processes and for the evaluation of goal attainment
  • Generation of a list of ICF diagnoses


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