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rahmen_textbox_ol_1.gif rahmen_textbox_om_1.gif rahmen_textbox_or_1.gif   OK Hand RehabNET, Quality First
rahmen_textbox_ml_1.gif We are responsive to your ideas, wishes and needs in a professional and individual manner. Due to excellent staff, reliable partners and 20 years of experience with complex projects we guarantee a high quality, fair and on-time realization of the requested projects. rahmen_textbox_mr_1.gif rahmen_textbox_om_1.gif
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Aktuell: Home Care-Statistik 2018 auf GD-Plattform

Aktuell: Home Care-Statistik 2018 Schnittstelle (von VeruA auf GD-Plattform)

Aktuell: SOMED Heim-Statistik 2018 auf GD-Plattform



E-Learning (ICF, RPS Form)

ICF Tools

Heime, SOMED-Statistik (BfS, GD ZH)



Reha ANQ-Projekt

Reha (KIS, ICF-Tools)

Home Care, Home Care-Statistk (BfS, GD ZH)

Home Care Interface

Diverse Projekte


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